Why More Parents Should Record Youth Basketball Events

Parents will hold more responsibility than they imagine when it comes to their child’s success in youth sports. They also rarely receive enough credit for all they do throughout their youth sports journey. Everything from providing new shoes to driving them around, parents are definitely important when it comes to youth basketball events. 

One of the things most parents will forget to do or not take advantage of early on in their child’s sports journey is recording them while they play. I know, most of us don’t want to be that parent, but it’s not about you — it’s about the children. 

The truth is, there are a lot of reasons why you should be videotaping your son or daughter at youth basketball events and tournaments. We’ll go over some of the more important ones that will have you wondering why you weren’t doing this sooner. 

It Could Help Their Game

We’ve all heard of professionals watching game film to fine-tune their skills and talent. It’s a proven method that allows you to slow down and watch the decisions you make in real-time — but in slow-motion. 

You probably haven’t heard of youth basketball players watching film, have you? Well, they do — the ones that want to learn early anyways. Learning the skills it takes to properly break down game film can start at any age and it will only make your child better at the sport they love so dearly. 

After all, you want to see them succeed, right?!

It Can Be Used For Recruiting

As your child starts to move their way from youth basketball events into intermediate basketball leagues, the need for video footage will become more and more important. You’ll want to start finding new leagues, tournaments, teams, and opportunities for your child to display their talents. 

Once you start sharing videos of your child’s highlights and awesome plays, it’ll start to spread across the nation. The more you share them each and every year, the more you’ll be helping them gain a reputation in the youth sports community. 

This can grow into a significant importance once high school rolls around and they start looking at college basketball. They will need highlight videos and a bit of attention if they want to get seen by a big college. Your videos can help do that! 

You’ll Be Known As a Winning Parent

Let’s be honest. While most people will make fun of the parent that’s sitting in the corner with a video recorder, aren’t they really the real MVP’s here? When you think about it, they’re doing it for their children so they can improve their game and have something to share with others. 

Plus, those videos will become legendary when they get brought out 20 years later. Who knows, maybe they’ll make it to the NBA and have an illustrious career. We know how much everyone loves to see their favorite NBA players tearing it up in their youth days. 

Just keep in mind, on the other side of a lot of those videos is a parent just like you.