The Do’s and Don’ts When Planning a Youth Basketball Event

youth basketball event

Organizing a youth basketball event is a great way to give the youth a day or two to have some fun playing a game they’ve grown to love, while also getting the community together for an enjoyable time away from the daily work grind. 


If you’ve considered planning a youth basketball event, or if you’ve already started to organize it, we have a variety of tips to ensure your event goes as planned. There might be a lot involved in the process that you weren’t ready for, but your event will run smoothly with proper preparation and the necessary help.


What Should You Do?


While every event will be unique in its own way, you’ll want to make sure you don’t compromise the ultimate meaning behind the event. When organizing a youth basketball event, we have three vital tips that you should remember to follow to ensure everyone involved is satisfied. 


  1. Stay Organized – From the moment you first start to plan the event all the way up to the days following the event, organization will be key to your event’s success. Utilize to-do lists, allow for easy communication, and never slack off!
  2. Get Help When Needed – No one can throw a youth basketball event by themselves. Don’t be afraid to ask for help and always seek the assistance of volunteers or parents that want to get involved. 
  3. Keep the Kids In Mind – Never shy away from the real reason you’re organizing this event. It’s your responsibility to make sure the kids have a good experience and you don’t want to compromise that.


Throwing a successful basketball event isn’t an impossible task, but it will require a certain level of dedication, commitment, and effort. 


What Shouldn’t You Do?


With that being said, let’s go over some of the things you shouldn’t do when organizing a youth basketball event. These things will only hurt the overall experience or compromise the event as a whole. 


  1. Acting On Impulse – Don’t rush to make any decisions because they will likely go against your budget that you created or will cause a disruption in the planning process. Stick to your plan and if something comes up, act rationally on it.
  2. Procrastinate – While you won’t want to act on impulse, procrastinating will do just as much damage. In fact, procrastinating will likely lead you to make impulse decisions when you don’t have enough time to think things true. 
  3. Your Own Benefit – This event is for the kids, not for you or the parents. Any opportunity you get to benefit from this event should be passed right down to the children or to a local charity. 


If you want your youth basketball event to end a success, you can do so with the right preparation and proper support system behind you. By the time your event is complete, you’ll be just as rewarded as the kids who ended up winning it all. It’ll be a win-win situation for all!