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The Basketball HUB is your one-stop shop for everything to do with setting up and managing basketball events -- whether you are interested in creating a league, youth basketball tournament, fundraiser, pick-up game, or mini-camp.

When you add your team to the HUB Connect database, you unlock an endless world of possibilities for your players and fans. Not only can you make it easier for others to find you, contact you, and register for your team, but you make it easier on yourself.

Thousands of basketball events, uniform and apparel help, different software and apps, all available to you by adding your team to the Basketball HUB.

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If you have a team that you want to gain more experience with, what better way than getting them involved in a youth basketball tournament? Better yet, we can help connect you to upcoming basketball events and youth basketball tournament from around the country.

The Basketball HUB is designed to match you with just about everything you need to successfully browse, organize, and manage basketball events. If you haven’t ordered team apparel, need software to make your life easier, or want to run a fundraiser, we can help! All you need to do is add your team or club to our directory and join in on the fun!

Let us help you reach coaches, players, and parents by listing your team and basketball events in our database -- whether it be a league, tournament of basketball, fundraiser, tryout, camp, etc.