Offensive Drills for Big Men in Basketball

Learning how to control the basketball in the paint and create scoring opportunities can help your team slow down the pace of the game. With a variety of different post moves, your team can start to keep the opposing defense honest when dishing the ball down low.

When a solid strategy in the paint is implemented in a basketball game, it can also help space the floor and give your shooters some open shots on the perimeter. Utilizing effective drills in practice that focus on offensive moves down low can give your team that balanced play you’ve been looking for.

Let’s take a look at a simple drill you can run by yourself or with the team, as was as some ways to enhance the drill for more of a challenge.

Post Moves Drill

You can begin this drill one of two ways. 

If you’ve got several people with you, have one player set up somewhere along the three-point line with the basketball. The rest of the players will line up along the baseline diagonal from the person along the three-point line. 

When the whistle is blown, one player from the baseline will run into the paint towards the opposite player, who will then throw him the ball down low. From there, the player will perform a move down low and try to score the basketball. 

When finished, the player down low will rebound his own ball, take it to the three-point line and act as the passer. The player who first passed it will go to the end of the line down low.

If you’re doing this drill alone, simply position yourself in the paint and perform the moves down low. You just won’t have someone passing you the ball. 

Different Moves Down Low

When the player down low catches the ball, they will want to work on a variety of different moves down low to make them versatile on offense. This will give them an arsenal of moves to use on game day, keeping the opposing defense on their toes.

Let’s take a look at a list of different moves to practice during this drill:

  • Drop Step Layup – When you receive the ball, dribble once towards the basket and perform a layup.
  • Drop Step Hook – When you receive the ball, dribble once towards the basket and perform a hook shot.
  • Up and Under – When you receive the ball, do a quick shot fake and then quickly make a move for the basket.
  • Turn and Shoot – When you receive the ball, quickly turn and shoot a fadeaway.
  • Shot Fake and Pass – When you receive the ball, perform a shot fake and pass it back to the player along the three-point line for a potential assist.

These are just some of the basic moves that can help create space down low. It’s important to add in the option to pass back to the three-point line, as this is what will really allow you to space the floor better.

To enhance this drill even more, add a defender down low to see these moves work in real-time. This will help imitate game-like situations and better prepare your team for your next game.