Officials and Referees

When you’re brainstorming upcoming basketball events for the youth community, there’s a lot of factors that affect the success of your event. If you aim to provide a fair and organized tournament of basketball, you’ll need officials and referees to keep the games in check. You might also need other volunteers to help keep score.

Without a ref, you’ll either be forced to officiate your basketball events yourself or have the youth basketball players use an honor system — which should only be trusted during pickup games and practice. A ref makes everything that much more professional and official.

If you’re planning a youth basketball tournament California, you can use the Basketball HUB to find everything you’re looking for. We understand how difficult it is to run a successful tournament of basketball, but we try to make it as easy as possible for you.

Looking For Reliable and Professional Refs?

If you’re missing reliable and trustworthy refs for your basketball events, take a look at the links below. One of the keys to a good officiating crew is their knowledge of the rule book, certifications, experience, and love of the game. The links below can help link you with the kind of refs your tournament, league, or mini-camp needs.

We also have a variety of other resources available for youth basketball coaches, players, and parents. If you need more exposure for your event, uniforms, apparel, management software, or even trophies to present to the winners, trust the Basketball HUB for all things youth basketball.

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