Resources for Parents

When we designed the Basketball HUB, our sole intention was to house a one-stop-shop for players, coaches, and youth basketball tournament directors. With the wide range of resources available on our site, we can effectively come together as a youth basketball community and support one another in our respective basketball journey.

Our vision is to help maximize what’s available for the next generation of basketball stars.

As a parent, there are a lot of responsibilities in your possession that could help make or break your child’s future career in basketball. Parents provide more than just the money needed to enroll in basketball events and leagues. They are the main supporters, biggest fans, and loudest cheerleaders.

Outside of that, parents can do a variety of things to help their child get noticed and recruited when competing in upcoming basketball events. This can include video taping their highlight videos and reaching out to scouts and colleges during the recruitment period. Just because you enrolled your child in a youth basketball tournament doesn’t mean someone will be there to recruit them. Sometimes, that’s your job.

The Basketball HUB can help you find the third party vendors with services to make your life easier as a parent. After all, you probably want to spend more time cheering your child on than staring into a camera!

Find Upcoming Basketball Events With the HUB!

One of the major factors when improving and evolving as a basketball player is the type of competition they match up with. Basketball events for your school will provide a limited talent pool, but looking at competition elsewhere — like youth basketball tournaments California — can give your child the adversity they need to grow.

The Basketball HUB is designed to match you with just about everything you need to set your child up for continued success. We can help you find other nearby teams, basketball events, tryouts, leagues, mini-camps, and more with the HUB.


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