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Welcome to The HUB Community Connection (HUB Connect)

The vision of The HUB Connect is to create a platform for the global basketball community to come together for the sole purpose of supporting and uplifting one another.

Where you come to first to get the information and services that can help you succeed in your basketball journey as a director, coach, player, parent, business, etc.


We’re all busy and looking for resources to help manage all of the things we have to do and there’s finally a central place with a solution for you.


Business owners, share your services and passion with The HUB community.


Tourney/League Directors, Club/Team Managers, Coaches/Players and Parents, help spread the word about this much needed resource with your basketball circle and, more importantly, use it to build up your local basketball community on a global platform.


If we don’t have what you’re looking for please let us know and we’ll look into adding it to our growing list of services.

If you are interested in adding your business to HUB connect

Over the years, we’ve constantly received requests from the global basketball community for help finding and promoting all kinds of information and services. We clearly saw the need and value of creating a platform that brings together both users and providers of information and services so they can uplift and support one another.

Because of our years of experience being involved in all facets of youth basketball, we’re very familiar with the information and services that are most commonly needed to succeed. Our mission with The HUB Connect is to do an exceptional job of organizing those information and service provider options in a way that offers a wide variety of choices that are easy to find and compare so you can make an informed decision.

  • Youth basketball is one of the fastest growing sports today and there is a constant need for help finding information and services as parents are more involved and vested than ever in their kids’ sports experience despite the high demands of work and family life.
  • The HUB Connect provides a “GO TO” dependable platform that can put your business in front of the people that need the services you’re offering.
  • We’re constantly looking to expand our list of services and service providers to meet the needs of the global basketball community.
  • Create an additional lead generating resource by benefiting from our marketing and social media engagement specifically focused on promoting The HUB Connect.


  1. The Sports HUB, LLC (d.b.a. The Basketball HUB) is not in any way responsible or liable for any goods or services purchased through third party vendors
  2. Use discretion and due diligence prior to all purchases
  3. Report any fraud or criminal activity to the appropriate law enforcement authorities first and also inform The Basketball HUB as soon as possible