Finding Pickup Basketball Games In Your Area

When you really love and enjoy the game of basketball, high school practice and games won’t be enough to satisfy you. You’ll want to play on your days off, on the weekends, minor holidays, any chance you get on a sunny day you’ll want to spend playing basketball. 

While shooting in the driveway or playing one-on-one with your brother will be a great way of playing in your down time, you might want something a little more intense and game-like. A youth basketball tournament will always be a high demand, but you won’t always get a chance to play in them. 

This is where pickup games with your friends and neighborhood can turn a brief 1-on-1 into a full-on 5-on-5 game. Since you’ll be playing a mix of talent around the same age as you, pickup games will feature a healthy balance of competition and fun. 


Neighborhood Parks

Although not all neighborhood parks will have basketball courts, a good majority of them will. For those that do, it will be rare for the court to be empty. If there aren’t enough people for a full game, you’ll at least have some people to practice and play with. You might even come across some players much better than you that can help you improve. 

Whenever you have some free time on the weekends or on a day off from school, ask your parents to take a trip to the nearest park. There are a ton of things to do at a park and will be something for everyone in the family. 

The more you go to these parks, the more people you’ll meet. Eventually, you’ll have an entire group of people that are always ready to go play. You’ll never go without a pickup game again! 


Utilizing Mobile Apps

Believe it or not, there are a ton of different apps out there designed to help youth basketball players find pickup basketball games in their area. HoopMaps is one that makes it extremely easy to find pickup games in your neighborhood with details about location, time, whether it’s free or not, and how many people they need. 

In a way, it’s like having a social media account strictly for finding basketball games — what else sounds better than that? HoopMaps even has a podcast so you can follow them live as they tour different cities.


Take Your Game To a New Level

If you’re looking for a way to take your basketball game to the next level, pickup games are exactly what you need. They allow you to take what you’ve learned in your school-run practice and test it out in a pickup game. This way you can sharpen your skills before putting them to use in a real game. 

If you’re looking for pickup games and youth basketball tournaments in the California or surrounding area, check out the Basketball HUB for more information and resources. We’ve designed a one-stop shop for all your youth basketball needs.

Together, we can grow and strengthen your local basketball community.