Becoming a Better Basketball Team Captain

We all want to be the basketball teammate that everyone looks to come crunch time. When the game’s on the line or when the team’s struggling, the basketball team captain is expected to motivate his team.

They act as the spark plug, the voice of reason when others aren’t listening to coach,

Basketball is a team game and while the coach will often lead the team from the sideline, the team captain must lead the team both on and off the court.

Common Qualities of a Team Captain

Whether the basketball team captain was chosen by the coach or via a team decision, this is a remarkable honor for anyone to receive. It not only shows that your team trusts you, but they want everyone else to see that, too. 

Either way, being a team captain will require some distinct traits and qualities that not everyone has. Let’s take a look at what should be expected if you become a team captain. 

  • Get ready to be the first person at practice and the last one to leave.
  • Team captains need to be able to self-motivate themselves on and off the court.
  • If teammates see a captain slacking off, they will likely follow.
  • Put the team first, not your own individual stats and glory.
  • Be prepared for every practice and game, don’t let anything catch you off guard.
  • Being bold and fearless on the court can go a long way in your teammates jumping on board with you.
  • Listen to coach at all times and hold others accountable for disobeying coach — or even your own directions.
  • Don’t just push yourself to become a better basketball player, push your teammates as well.
  • Make sure every player on your team is aware of their role, whether that be scoring, rebounding, defense, etc. 
  • If you make a mistake, own up to it and improve on it. Team leaders and captains must treat all failure as a lesson — for themselves and their teammates. 
  • Be the respected voice on the court, but also in the locker room. 
  • They say team chemistry is built on the court, when in reality it is built in the locker room.
  • Always keep a positive attitude and hold players accountable for bringing negative energy onto the court or into the locker room.

Being a team captain is no easy task. Having one on your team can help give a sense of leadership outside of the coach, which is essential when dealing with youth basketball players. It can truly bring out the best in a player or be the missing link that’s holding a team back. 

When a basketball player is named the captain of their team, it should be taken seriously. It shouldn’t be bragged about and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Team captains are looked at to lead a team and will often deal with a majority of the blame when things go wrong. 

Likewise, team captains will normally receive a majority of the praise when things go right. Don’t let that praise get to you, though. It never lasts long and every good team captain knows that glory comes at a result of teamwork — not the work of one person.